Unsolicited Advice

I felt fat the other day. Like fatter than normal. Just big all over and gross. There was free food in the kitchen at work. My coworkers where like go get food, it’s good, and I made a comment like ” I feel so big today. I already had lunch, I’m good.” Not like really asking anything, just like no, thanks.  I know my coworkers meant well but they started giving me all this advice I didn’t ask for. Image result for unsolicited advice free image cartoon
Intermittent fasting works wonders.
1/2 cup of Oatmeal for dinner will lower my cholesterol.
Or just a yogurt for dinner to help lose weight.
One meal a day for a summer body.
Walk the stairs once an hour, four flights down and back up. .
Walk a mile on each 15 minute break.
No carbs, no sugar, no processed food. Image result for lose weight girls for dummies free image cartoon
I get it, there is so much information out there. But really I just felt like bitching about feeling fat for a moment. I know what I have to do. I am figuring out my body so I can start to lose the weight. I got it.
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I didn’t ask for advice at that moment and then I was sucked into a conversation I didn’t really care to be in.
What’s some unsolicited advice that you get?

9 thoughts on “Unsolicited Advice

  1. I usually get unsolicited advice about my mental health and returning to work. It’s not helpful and makes me feel horrible about myself. I actually lost it with my Dad yesterday about it, and it led me to dangerous territory today.

    In regards to you feeling fat – it’s perfectly normal to feel like this. I try not to use FAT as a feeling anymore because I know when I feel that way I am actually feeling something else entirely.

    – Nyxie



  2. I hate the way people give advice about weight loss even if they aren’t asked. Similarly people always keep giving me advice on my illness even if they haven’t heard the name.

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  3. Ah I HATE it when you just want a bit of a rant and people start dishing out advice 🙈 Thankfully it hasn’t happened to me in a long while

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  4. Goodness, some of that advice isn’t even healthy.

    People used to tell me what to do about my arthritis, like natural remedies… ummm are you a doctor? No thanks.

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  5. I’m diabetic but people who just find out love(especially if they find out my blood sugars are not 100%perfect) love to tell me what I should and shouldn’t be eating and like to tut if I dare to eat anything sugary even though I sometimes need to when I’ll(diabetic hypo). For some people unsolicited advice is something they just love to give🙄😁

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  6. I get told I need to eat more, that I don’t need to workout anymore because I lost weight (ummmm….excuse me but I freaking LOVE working out, it’s not some kind of torture for me), that it’s unhealthy for me to not eat gluten/sugar/carbs etc etc.

    My favourite one for anything related to Autism or anxiety and mental health “if you just tried harder you could do it” *bangs head against brick wall*


  7. People love to give unsolicited advice and 9/10 it’s on something they have no idea about. If you wanted advice on how to lose weight you would have said something along the lines of “I’m looking to lose weight does anyone have any tips” wanting to have a bitch about feeling fat shouldn’t be an invitation to give you dieting advice.

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