April stats and New book

So far this month has rocked! I’m getting good view numbers and good likes and follows. I’ve gotten into dedicating a couple nights a weeks to following back and reading other blogs. I am trying to support everyone who supports me too. It’s been a really great experience so far.
I just put together my book of all my books combined. I had a few readers suggest I combine them all together, so I did. Now instead of one book at $2.99 you can get all four in one book for $3.99. I am hoping this will help increase some sales for me. And if you would like to help me out, please head on over to amazon! I plan on promoting this and working on the blog still.
Moving Forward by [Acosta, J.]
Overall, I am much happier with how things are going. I have met some really nice  people and I really do appreciate everyone who takes to time to read, like and comment. I will get back to everyone as soon as I get a chance. For some reason I can’t do everything on my phone, I have to log in from my laptop in order to like and comment when I blog surf. Image result for hearts free image
I’m still trying to figure out pintrest. I pin but I don’t get any clicks. Maybe it’s my pictures? Tailwind makes no sense to me. I just have to sit and learn it but I am finding it hard just finding time. I don’t know. I’ll keep doing it. Facebook is still not working for me to post my blog links. I’m keeping it to post book links for now. Instagram makes no sense to me yet. Anyone use this successfully?
I really love blogging. Between working full time, 2 kids a husband and 3 dogs, I’m just finding it hard to keep up with everything. I also have my first young adult fiction book in the works so I need to figure out how to spend more time on that. I need to add to it and go back and develop my characters more. I’ll figure out a schedule to help me.
I really wish I could sell 100,000 books so I can just cut my hours at work and use my afternoons to write. That would be awesome and is my goal. For now I’ll work with what I got.
How about you? Do you have a schedule?

6 thoughts on “April stats and New book

  1. OH my goodness I am SO glad that I’m not the only person with that mobile issue!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s so frustrating for me because I spend about 3 hours a day walking which could be dedicated to catching up and commenting but it doesn’t work so I’ve given up.
    What I do is try and dedicate 1 hour per twitter thread in the evening or any time I get, so I post on fewer sharing/comment threads but I’m able to interact with more people on each thread that I do share on.

    Pinterest I am in the same boat, facebook I auto post but I’ve no idea how – I just ticked the box that said to publish my post to facebook when I publish my post (same as the auto publish for twitter from my blog) and I’m not even trying with instagram.
    Honestly Twitter is the only SM I put much energy into.

    All the best for the future! I’m sure you’ll figure out a schedule that works for you!

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