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I have a doctors appointment this week. My cholesterol was borderline high when I went for my physical in  January. And my vitamin D levels were deficient. She thought it was because of the holidays. I went back a couple weeks ago and had blood work to double check and it’s the same. I can see my results before going in. So I know I have to make a change in my diet. I’m starting today. Back to the boring low carb salad and chicken or salmon life. It worked to help me lose some weight and I need to be here for my kids and husband. I have to cut my splurges down.
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I had a therapist appointment Friday! Finally! But he’s a psychiatrist. He prescribed me a anti depressant to help me get back on track. I am actually happy about this. I feel like I do need a little boost to help me right now. I’m just dragging ass lately. He also gave me a High dose of vitamin D supplement. He said that he thinks this combined with a low gluten diet and starting back with my exercise will help me get back to myself in a few months. I hope so.
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It’s been a little difficult trying to get through anything lately. Things that I use to love doing, like planning parties and cooking for holidays have just felt like they are hanging over me. If I didn’t have to take my kids to school or work, I would spend a lot more time sleeping.
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So. Today is Monday and I will be starting back on my diet. I will also start back with walking on my 15 minute breaks at work. Now that it’s getting nicer out I have no excuse for not doing a mile per break.
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Those are my first baby steps. In a couple weeks I’ll add the elliptical and the rowing machine back to my morning routine. The machines are collecting dust in my family room right now. Then I’ll add the weight lifting maybe next month. But. Baby steps. I have to go back in a month to this guy to adjust dosage if needed.
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On top of this I heard there is a Grief management counselor in the next town over. I think I am going to call them. I mean, I need to reach out. I can’t just hide in bed right now. I do to many things to not be present. Even if the past few months all I have really wanted to do was disappear. I really can’t. So. Moving forward.

9 thoughts on “Health Check

  1. Good luck with everything! All of these small steps that you’ve been taking really add up to be large pushes forward. Between doctors appointments, healthier eating, and making moves with your mental health, you’re doing a great job to take care of yourself. Wishing you the best as you move forward!

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  2. Good luck! I started back today with my clean eating and strength training. I am a runner, but my diet has been slacking lately. Time to get it right and feel good going into summer.

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