Facebook Spam?

Every morning during the week I post a blog while I drink my coffee, and then I pin it to pintrest. Then I go on twitter and jump on as many blog follow trains as possible. Next I go to Facebook and post it on my blog and book page and finally I post it on my author page to all my friends. Sometimes I will also share it to some groups that I am part of too. I read the blogs I follow and then keep an eye out all day for people who are reading me so I can read them back.
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I guess something happen yesterday and I was marked as spam. I don’t understand why all of a sudden everything, even things I posted weeks ago, are now blocked. That’s so weird to me. I have tried to say it wasn’t spam. It’s my stuff  and my page clearly says that I will be posting the links back to my blog.
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My husband thinks that somehow I was picked up in some kind of algorithm thing, or that someone reported me as spam. Either way, I am not able to post on there anymore right now and I am a little annoyed. I mean, I don’t really get much traffic from there but I did get one book sale back in February. I was hoping to get a few more sales and some more followers on my page eventually.
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Last month I did an ad with Facebook and I have to say that it was a waste of my $15.00 credit. I reached 1200 people, had 12 people engage and sold 0 books… So how is me posting my blogs spam, but they can run an ad for me? I don’t get it.
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So I am back to twitter and Pintrest for now until I get out of Facebook jail. I am trying to figure out Instagram still. I have no idea how to work Instagram yet.
I’m kind of running out of ideas on how to attract readers and believe me, I am reading all the pins on how to but nothing is giving me more traffic yet.
Does anyone have any things that worked great for them? Any websites that have yielded great results? I am slowly growing and I am super happy about that. I really want to figure out how to make some kind of side income off this. I do enjoy it and I am definitely going to keep at it. Some days just feel like defeat and some days feel like a win. Today felt like a little defeat since I have invested a good amount of time into building up the Facebook pages and now everything is frozen.
What’s your experience so far? What are the best platforms you have used to promote your blogs?

7 thoughts on “Facebook Spam?

  1. I reposted one of your blogs and noticed Facebook blocked it. I sent a request for them to review it because in no way was it spam or inappropriate. Sorry this is happening, your writing has the potential to help so many people.

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    1. Thank you!! Yeah, I have no idea what’s going on. I’m going to try to look into it later after work tonight. I hope it’s just a time out and everything will go back to normal in a few days.

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      1. I was blocked once–apparently reported as spam by someone–and had to send in my driver’s license to prove I was myself. I did it and my account was quickly restored.

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear that Facebook blocked your posts. 😦 I haven’t done much promotion on Facebook myself so I’m not sure how or why that could happen. All I can guess is someone reported your post as spam, which is such a shame.

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    1. I think that’s what happen. I had to send a picture of myself in for them to unlock it. I’m nervous to post any blog links now! I don’t inderstand why anyone would report that for spam. I mean, just scroll past!
      Thank you for reading! I appreciate it!!!


      1. It’s awful. 😦 I honestly have no idea why someone would mark a blog post as spam. Or that Facebook would agree with the request! I’ve seen some violent things on Facebook, clearly violating their terms of use, but they never take them down.


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