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I know I have a great story somewhere. I know it. I lived a good story so far. I’m sure that’s something. I know I have a good story. It’s somewhere. I know it.
I have been blogging seriously on the side for 4 months now and really trying to grow this time. I am trying to become a real author eventually.  To date I sold 2 books. One to the librarian and one to someone else. The someone else gave me such positive feedback and I was so happy. Then he messaged me like “No one will ever buy your book. My market is to small. My writing is good but needs to be focused on a sell able genre.” So, thank you for the review?
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I want to write what I know. And I know what I have lived. So I write that. There has to be a market for that, right?  Maybe I’ll sell some. That’s my dream, but for now I am just trying to grow and audience. So thank you for stopping by and I hope that you stay!
My real name is Jessica. I live in Connecticut in the US. I am feeling like no one is going to buy my damn books no matter what price I charge. I write about me and my experience. It’s the only thing I know 100%. But no one will find that interesting if I am not already famous said the guy that I don’t know that did buy one book. So I am trying to figure out my next move. Do I try to write a fiction book and see if that will help me? Do I keep the books I have and continue to promote them? Can I promote books and not have to actually interact with anyone? I’m really terrible at public speaking. I’m terrified actually.
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The thing is I really am not interesting at all. I go to work. I go home. I take care of my people. I am not that interesting. I use to always joke about how my life could be a soap opera. And it really could have 20 years ago, which is why I wrote the books I have.  But really, my life is not a soap opera, not anymore. I mean, maybe some of it.
I have a 4th grade  teacher who’s a bully to my son, I’m trying to figure that out. My daughter is crazy silly and funny. My husband is amazing. I am just trying to move forward in life. I am working on trying to have multiple revenue streams that will one day just pour into my account. Well,that’s a dream of mine, so that’s what I am working on. I guess I better get super interesting quick, huh?
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I am just trying to figure out what my next moves are and I hope that you all will follow with me while I figure out my next career. Thank you for taking the time to read!
What are you currently working on?

7 thoughts on “About me

  1. Fiction writers use their own lives to weave the stories. We may do research — okay, a lot of research — but these characters that come to live under our fingertips belong to our life in some way or fashion. You’re right! You can’t write emotions and conflict that you don’t intimately understand, but the plot, the scene, the names and places: all of that can researched and learned. Being a good story-teller — that’s the gift. My challenge to you: Expand your horizon from a writing stand-point. Take what you know and build it on a series of ‘what ifs’. You’ll be amazed at what happens.

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  2. Just keep writing and you’ll find your story eventually. I find they tend to sneak up on you without realising. Mine tended to do that when I wrote a personal blog and then I moved to Pennies into Pounds, which I adore but without that first blog I wouldn’t be here. Good luck! P.s I love your writing style, it’s so engaging!

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