Public speaking and me

I am terrible at public speaking. I just can’t. I get all red. I talk super fast. I can’t breath. I put off speech class until my absolute last class that I had to take to get my Associates. Luckily, I was 7 months pregnant when taking the class and then I felt like if people laughed at the bright red, trying not to faint, pregnant girl, then they were just assholes. My first speech was a how to speech. I decided to do “How to fold a flag” That was a terrible idea because everyone could see how shaky I was! Then I discovered the PowerPoint presentation and that helped a lot so people could focus on pretty pictures and not me. I passed the class.
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I have a severe problem speaking in front of people. Even in meetings at work I don’t speak unless spoken to and even then I get nervous.  Even when I know what I am talking about. It’s usually about 3 years in that I feel like I can actually speak for a few minutes and not turn weird colors.
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I made a deal with my best friend that if my books ever do sell that she would have to go on the interviews because I would mess up my words and then be mad at myself for the rest of eternity.
How are you with public speaking? Are you are weird and awkward as me? Or are you like my husband and best friend who can get up in front of people and talk about anything and people just like them and listen and laugh. I’ll leave the public speaking to them.

7 thoughts on “Public speaking and me

  1. I can be nervous in rhe beginning but as I get into public speaking I feel more confident and comfortable. It’s great you did a class to try to help yourself!

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  2. I HATE public speaking with a passion! I rather write something or create a presentation that I can just hand over and be done with. The mere thought of standing in front of a bunch of people that are staring at you and judging makes me cringe! I share in your pain! I’ll stay behind the scenes and let others take the limelight. 😉

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  3. I’m the worst at public speaking. I suck at it. The worst thing about this all is the fact that people see me as this confident person, if I get a group assignment I’m always picked to represent 😂😂😂🔥. I’m the worst

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