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Wednesday Update.

Hi Everyone! It’s Wednesday.
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The kids are off from school, Husband is taking the day off and I am working from work. Ugh. It’s sooo hard to come in when everyone is chilling home in Pj’s and relaxing AND it’s raining and cold. So I ran out of the house early and my boss said I can leave a little early because of that, at least there is that. I hate coming to work when everyone is home. I love those people and I want to be home with them too!
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I have decided to leave my books up. All of them. The response from everyone was so positive and supportive and I truly appreciate it. You are all right, some books aren’t for everyone. Thank you for your support!
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This morning my husband uploaded the pictures from our trip to Cape Cod. I love these pictures because we had an awesome time but it made me realize that I really have to lose weight. I feel like I look okay in my clothes, but then I look at the pictures and I am just not happy with myself. I mean, I look fine but I look heavier than I feel. So, I know I said it last year, and then I fell off. Then I said again, and then I had holidays, birthdays, book club and summer and I watched what I ate, but I still ate what I wanted. I tried to start working out and then made excuses. It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s raining, I’m tired. Well, I am going to start the diet again even at book club. I have to go back to tracking everything, even wine.
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Plus, I have a wedding to attend on 11/1/2019 and I rented the runway and I need to fit in one of those dresses. I am excited about that though. I got the idea from my sister in law. It was $88.00 and I get one dress in 2 sizes and then a back up dress. I can’t wait to get them and try them on. You get them for 4 days and then you send them back. I will definitely have a review of that afterwards. Have you ever tried this yet? What did you think?
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That’s pretty much where I am at right now. I need to continue writing my next book. I think I am going to upgrade to the next WordPress package for a year to see what that does…
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Does anyone have the business account? Is it worth it in your opinion? I just want to try some of the plug ins to see what those do.
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Do they help? Are there some that you love and would recommend?