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Watching Spring

I love this time of year. Actually, Spring and Fall are my favorite times of the year. I like summer but only on vacation, not when I have to get dressed and go to work. I can even deal with winter but it really is the lack of sun that makes me not like it so much. Winter is just so dark in the morning. Then by the time I pick up the kids and get home, who wants to go anywhere?
It’s spring right now in Connecticut and I am all about it.Image result for Spring tree leaf buds sun free image
I am watching it this year. Everyday I look out the window at the buds on the trees. They are getting bigger and bigger and I find myself willing them to bloom and grow. I can’t wait. It was rainy this morning I was telling my kids, “April showers bring May flowers!” And then of course that opened up an entirely different conversation like “What kind of flowers? Why April showers? What about May showers? What about trees? You keep talking about trees and now you’re talking about flowers?” and then I tuned them out for a few minutes and looked at the buds on the trees getting bigger.
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I have no idea why this year I am super happy to watch everything bloom. It’s just that when things bloom, it’s so pretty out and the trees in the yard fill in and then my yard feels instantly more private. I love that feeling. The trees that flower have the flowers on them already. The trees that fill in around the back yard are starting to open. The early spring wild flowers have all bloomed and everything looks pretty and colorful. I remembered to start everyone on their allergy medicine a few weeks ago so we are all alright right now.Image result for no spring allergies free image
Maybe that’s why I was so happy to watch it this year. It hit 70 degrees in the neighborhood yesterday. I went for a walk at work. I just can’t wait to be outside this year. We (I really mean my husband, I’m supervising from the kitchen table) is installing a fence in our backyard this week and I can’t wait to let the dogs out and sit on my deck and relax.
Image result for woman relax on the deck back yard free image cartoon
I have nothing big coming up anytime soon so I can just really relax and do my work around the house. I am going to clean up the front and prune my rose bushes. Then plant some new things. That won’t be for a couple weeks though. For now I just plan on watching spring and really truly enjoying it.
What’s your favorite thing about spring?

Spring Projects!

It’s one of my favorite times of year. I love when things start to grow again and everything comes back to life. I love the extra hours of sunlight and being able to be outside comfortably in jeans and a t-shirt or light sweatshirt. I just love it. I feel like I am more active simply because it’s still light out and it’s nice enough to just go for a walk or go to the beach and hang out. Sunday, I took my daughter to the park and she only wanted to sit and draw for an hour. I asked her if she wanted to go on the swings or down the slide and she was perfectly content just hanging out and drawing. She even let me help with the sky and sun in one picture.
Spring and fall are my most favorite times of year. Summer is nice but it can get almost to hot sometimes. Winter is nice sometimes too. I especially love when it snows and the silence that falls with it. I do enjoy all 4 seasons but when spring comes around it makes me feel more alive. I can’t wait to get outside and clean up the yard and try to plant a few things. I think our rose bushes are still alive from last year in the front of the house.
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This year I want to try to plant some tomatoes and peppers outside. When we first moved into our house I tried to plant some stuff and it didn’t come out well. I had one tomato that I was watching and I could even taste how good it was going to be. One morning I was drinking coffee and I looked out the back window and watched a squirrel enjoying my tomato. He didn’t even eat the whole thing either! Little punk. This year I want to buy one of these: Best Choice Products 46x22x30in Raised Wood Planter Garden Bed Box Stand for Backyard, Patio – Natural  and see if I can grow some lettuce. I also want to grow peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. We also need to reseed some of the backyard.
Image result for backyard chain silver link ideas
This year we plan on fencing in the backyard so we can just let the dogs out and also so we can prevent the other animals in the neighborhood from pooping all over our lawn. There is already half a fence from our neighbors so we will follow the chain link they used and finish closing in our backyard.That will be our big outside project. I am thinking about adding a white picket fence in the front yard too.
I am thinking something like this: (**** this is not my house, just an idea of what I think would look good in from of my house)
Image result for front yard white picket fence ideas pink ideas
What about you? Any projects for the spring? What do you plant?