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Cigarettes and me

When I was in 7th grade I did a science project. “The effects of smoking cigarettes on your lungs.” We tested filtered vs unfiltered, we attached a cigarette to the top of a plastic soda bottle and breathed through a cotton pad.
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The cotton pad turned brown in both cases and not surprisingly, the unfiltered cigarettes were worse for you. Even more surprising, we conducted this with cigarettes purchased by our parents in the science lab at middle school.
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Even less surprising, I smoked the rest of both packs and continued till I was pregnant with my first baby. From 12-27 years old.
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There was a couple gas stations that would sell to kids and sometimes I would just flat ask my mom to buy cigarettes for my friend and she would. I would of course smoke them myself. It was $2.50 a pack back then. This post is making me feel really old. Haha.
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After I had my son, I picked smoking up again socially (only when I was with a friend who smoked)  till I was pregnant with my second. By then it was becoming too expensive to smoke. But a dirty little secret of mine is.
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I love the smell of smoke. I will sit on you lap and inhale you after you had a cigarette,  if you let me. If you had a cup of coffee prior to that, I will melt in your hand. That is one of my favorite smells in the world. I have no idea why because I know that it’s gross. I also like the smell of a gas station.
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Anyway, now I barely smoke at all. I did vape a couple times but now I am scared to do that with all these people getting really sick, really fast. I do miss smoking though. I miss the feeling of smoke in my lungs. I won’t start smoking again because I am really cheap and I can’t spend $12.00 on one pack of cigarettes. That would make me angry. So I just miss it. Plus, it’s been a decade since I quit.
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There you have it. There is my gross little not so secret, secret.
What about you? Are there any smells that are gross to other people but you love them?