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Drag Queen Story time – Review

Yesterday my friends and I brought our kids to the 2nd Drag Queen Story Time at our local library.
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When we arrived there were actual protesters outside. I have never really walked through anything like that. It was so weird. I don’t understand why anyone would stand outside the library to protest something for families. In my opinion, the people protesting could have learned a little something if they came up for story time.
The people who helped organize this event were outside too with their own signs and welcomed everyone into the library.
Once inside we went to the auditorium and there were treats and activities for the kids to do while we waited. Coloring stations and temporary tattoos. There were chairs set up but so many people showed up they needed to add more chairs and kids were sitting on the floor. The place was packed.
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The hosts started and the mayor and a senator welcomed everyone. Then the King and Queen came in and read two books. The first was:
My daughter loved this book and I honestly thought it was super cool too.
The next book they read was:
I just thought this book was super cute too. I didn’t honestly hear all of it, but the parts I did hear were adorable.
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After reading the books they sang “When you believe” by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston and it was really fun.
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I felt the overall theme of love, acceptance, understanding and kindness was very positive. 
We honestly had a blast and we are already really looking forward to the next one.
Afterwards, my daughter and I picked out a new book to read and went home.