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Nails and Me.

I go in stages. Sometimes I will bite my nails down to nubs and it takes me going to the nail salon every other week for a couple months to get them to grow back. For some reason if I pay for someone to do my nails, I will not bite them for an entire week. And then the week after I slowly chip them off and then I run to the nail salon again so that I can get them done before I start to bite them… Again. I know it’s gross, but I don’t even think about it till my hand is in my mouth already…
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After doing that for a couple months I kind of train myself to stop biting. But if I don’t have money in those couple months and my nails chip and then the corner gets rough, then I’ll start picking and it’s all downhill from there. I have tried to paint my nails at home but I pick it all off in 2 days. I think I have a problem. Haha.
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Anyway, my nails have FINALLY grown out to a nice length and I am determined to keep them for a while! I always get so confused when the nail tech asks me what shape I want. I have always had them squared.
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But I am thinking about maybe trying a new shape. There are so many out there! What shape do you pick? I may just keep it squarish.
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Right now I am Square with round corners… Maybe I’ll go squoval? Or Oval? I don’t know… Maybe I’ll just keep the same shape.  What nail shape do you have/ prefer?