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I was asked to Rate myself as a Mom

One of my friends does studies with new born babies and parents. It’s really interesting but I would be leave that explaining up to her as I will probably junk it all up and not make any sense.
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The other day she asked a group of us in the girls chat what we would rate ourselves as mothers. It was off the Questioner from the group study. The answers to pick were something like:
  1. I’m a great mom
  2. I’m an okay mom
  3. I’m sometimes okay sometimes I struggle
  4. Mostly I struggle sometimes I’m okay
  5. I always struggle and I’m not a great mom at all.
These aren’t actually the exact answers, but it was basically something like that.
The crazy part was that every single one of us picked between 3 or 5 depending on the day.
The reality is we are all great mothers and we feel bad about ourselves because we feel like we aren’t doing enough. Yeah, sometimes you’re going to yell, sometimes you’re going to lose it, we’re human. But you are always there when they need. You are reliable and loving and understanding. You are providing stability and care for them. You listen when they need to talk.You make sure everyone is taken care of. You love those kids with every piece of your heart and would do anything for them and they know it.
We all seemed to think that we are doing so poorly in the child care department because of our thoughts stuck in our heads of what we think a good mother is. I put myself down because the kids aren’t in enough after school things.  I work till 5, I have to make dinner and sometimes I just trust that the afters school people had them do their homework right because I don’t even get around to checking it. On those days, I’m a 5. Most days I feel between a 3 and 4. Really though, I am a 1. We are all 1’s.
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I hope you know that you are a #1 mom or dad too.