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Isabel’s post

It was fundraiser night for the kindergarten so we went to dinner to support them. Then I came home and was trying to think of my next post. I have a few started but I need to add more. My daughter said that she was going to help me write my blog tonight. So tonight I’m doing a guest blog by her.
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Isabel’s blog:
I’m going to talk about me. I’m 7 and my name is Isabel. I like dogs. I believe in unicorns.
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I like my friends and family. My favorite thing to do is art and go to school. I like music. I like to sing and dance. I like to write a lot, like my mommy.
This is my book. I have to illustrate it still:
Growing In Color by [Acosta, Jessica, Acosta, Isabel]
I think unicorns are real and not mythical. I love my dad and my mom and everyone in my family and some other people, I guess. I have a lot of friends. My family is kind to me. My favorite holiday is Easter and Christmas and Thanksgiving. My favorite toy is art supplies and calico critters. My favorite store is target. My favorite food is apples and bananas and Mac and cheese. My favorite drink is milk and water.
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I like to go on vacation. I collect pennies. I love to read.
Thanks for reading my blog! Have a nice weekend.