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September Goals!

Happy September! Seriously, how is it September already?
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Goal for my blog this month will be to just keep going. Just to keep writing and keep trying to grow. What about you? What are your goals?
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September… Goodbye summer. I will miss you!
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I am back to work, summer Friday’s are officially over and I am actually feeling sad today. I usually love fall, it’s my favorite season. Besides the crisp weather that’s perfect for jeans, t shirts and a sweatshirt (my favorite outfit of all time), my birthday just happens to be in the beginning of Fall too.  This year I am not loving it.
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Fall means winter is around the corner and I feel like this winter will last FOREVER. Once the clocks change I feel like I will be living in the dark for like 5 months. I wake up, it’s dark. I leave work, and it’s dark. And then it’s cold, who wants to go outside and freeze? Ugh.
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I am just really not looking forward to this winter. I have been feeling so much better physically and mentally and I am honestly scared that I’ll fall back into that dark hole I was in this past January. I am going to try to keep that in mind and I also spoke to my husband. He’ll check me if he sees me slipping. I feel like I have more support this winter, but I also feel like I am just over this weather in general. I don’t want New England winter anymore. I think I need a change.
What’s your favorite weather?