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Chubby Fingers and me.

I was reading this article the other day that said that “Chubby Fingers” was now a trend on Instagram or twitter, or something like that and I thought really?? This is MY time then! I always thought that I had chubby hands and fingers my entire life. I’m looking at my hands now, and maybe they are pretty. I have always loved my nails.
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** not my hand but I couldn’t upload my picture… This could really be my hand though**
I never wore rings cause I always felt like it just accentuated my fat hands. Seriously, the only rings I have ever worn are my engagement and wedding band. I find myself pulling them off and on once in a while. I think, if it’s easy then I am fine, if I have to tug a little then I think it’s time to go on a diet. It’s crazy how I find things to measure myself.
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I think I always wear pants because I have always thought that I had big legs. But lately I am starting to look at dresses and skirts. I actually bought a dress the other day. I might even wear it outside eventually.
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It has been really nice to see more people like me who are not “perfect” but still pretty. I am currently a size 12 and I always felt like even the models that are a size 12 don’t look like me. It is a little unfortunate to hear advertisers boast about how “inclusive” they are with their new “plus sized” model. In my opinion, size 12/14 is barely plus size, and even if it was, who cares? Why do you have to say the size at all?
I am happy that now it seems I am seeing more real people. There is still a long way to go. The point is, it is nice to see things that actually represent something like me and to hear other people call it beautiful. We really should all celebrate ourselves.
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Happy Friday! This weekend will be low key. Going to a friends house to hang out Saturday and decorating the yard for Halloween on Sunday. Husband will be making mushroom soup Sunday and I can not wait. I love his mushroom soup. The weather is getting colder and I am now looking for new soup and stew recipes. Those will be coming up soon!
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How about you?