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Standing on the edge

That’s what I have been feeling like lately. Like I am teetering on the edge of where I want to be. I am excited and terrified. I want so badly to realize this dream and yet, I am terrified.
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I’m having a hard time at work lately. They gave a promotion to this girl I work with to manager. Which I totally support because she really truly deserves it. My problem is that when I was proving to them that I didn’t need a supervisor and did the work for a year, they said that I couldn’t have a manager or supervisor title if I wasn’t a manager or supervisor of someone. Even though that was what I spent a year proving, that they didn’t need to hire a supervisor for me. So I pointed it out to my boss. I said, “I thought that in order to be a supervisor or manager you had to supervise or manage someone.” And then that fucker turned around and asked HR. HR’s response was my job functions are different than this other girls and I don’t qualify for that title. Then my boss called me into his office to talk about it. I pointed out that everything I did was what the supervisor position that they posted had listed for the job functions. He said that there is no one to supervise so I don’t do everything.
He went on to say that he can give me a manager title but I have to do more work and there is no money attached to it. When I brought up the work that I have been doing that was not listed in my job description, he said “okay, what else can you do?” To me that’s a huge slap in the face. I just feel really unappreciated in my job. But it pays alright and it’s close to the kids and the time off is good. I am just done trying to do anything else. I am  going to do my job and go home and work on my books.
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I will focus on books and writing and keep pushing though. Life is too short to stop. I have already stopped a few times with this dream and this time feels different.
This week has felt funny too. I mean I usually have so much to say about whatever. If you read my blog, you will see that’s true. This week has felt off. I was honestly considering taking a week off.
Yesterday I posted an excerpt from my book Moving Forward, (which I highly recommend you check out) and someone bought it! I am so happy. Maybe that’s why I am feeling so positive today.
Please consider buying an e book or the paperback. If you get the paperback now before I resize it, you could have a collectors item in your hands, I hope.
Paperback:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1096851474 For $8.99
I promise to stop pushing this book so much. It’s just new and I feel like there are some really great stories in it. It’s worth the purchase and read.
I also signed up for Ko-Fi. https://ko-fi.com/sambel08
If you would like to help support me. I plan on upgrading this site to a business plan and then hopefully monetizing a little more.
I am still working a full time job and I will continue to until I can replace my income on the side. We need at least what I make now. I also have a husband, 2 kids and now 3 dogs. I am trying to just get a good schedule down. I’ll get there.
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But this feeling. Like something great is about to happen. I just feel really hopeful right now. It feels positive and I will keep moving forward.