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When plans get cancelled…

How do you feel when plans get cancelled? Not big plans like holiday’s or vacations,  but a little weekend plan. Like a maybe hang out or a possible play date.
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I sometimes get so happy thinking that it’s kind of a free day! Now I can lay around all day and read or watch movies or cuddle my kids, husband and dogs. We can order pizza or Chinese or anything and rent movies and stay in Pj’s all day.
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I don’t mind when plans get cancelled so much anymore. When I was younger and had nothing else to really do but work and hang out, then I would sometimes get upset if things got cancelled. Now I think ever since I had my own family and run around moving kids to school and chores around the house, I sometimes like when things get cancelled and we can just chill out.
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What about you? How do you feel when plans get cancelled?