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545.0 – July 2020

7/1/2020 – July. Wednesday. Last full day of work before a holiday weekend, tomorrow is a half day. Thank goodness. This week I really feel like I need it. I don’t know what it is… Maybe I am getting my period but who the hell knows. Ever since my husband and I decided to stop having babies and I was diagnosed with PCOS my period has been pretty regular. It’s like I finally hit puberty and I thought I was through all that already. So now I never know if I am dying, losing my mind or if it’s just hormones. The past two days though I have been eating lunch and then taking a nap because I feel so exhausted and it hurts looking at a computer and trying to keep my eyes open.
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Ahh, July. I was thinking about setting some blog goals and I decided I’m not going to set any goals for the summer. My job has officially decided that we are not even thinking about going back into the office until earliest September. That’s totally fine with me. I love working from home. I like being able to have lunch on the deck and then catch a quick 10 minutes of sun or being able to take a quick nap if need be. I love having my family near me always. My husband had to run into the office yesterday and 5 minutes after he left my daughter said “I miss Daddy.” I laughed, but I did too.
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I know it’s going to be really hard to go back to work and separate when things start to open up. I’m actually loving all this time home. We are able to slow down and focus more on each other. My daughter and husband took up skateboarding. I got roller blades. My son has a flicker scooter that he is loving. We’re adding stuff to the house to just be able to hang out and have fun stuff to do together. My husband and I are getting our work done and it’s nice to be able to have lunch and take breaks everyday together.
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I told you last week that I started rent the runway again and I have been trying dresses. I’m loving wearing them at home. For work we had a full staff meeting and I was wearing a dress and I feel weird going out in public or being seen in a dress. I am starting to get more comfortable but I had to stop my video on the full staff meeting because I really felt almost embarrassed, even though I am pretty sure I am the only person who knew I was wearing a dress. Also, I am pretty sure that no one was really paying attention to my screen. I am not that important at work. I just felt really self conscious. Do you ever feel like that? I’m still going to keep wearing them for a while because I have tried a couple that felt really good to wear. I really want to change up my look sometimes and it would be nice to know what styles look good.
That’s pretty much it for me. I had to pause on reading the news for a bit. The explosion of Covid in the south and mid west is really concerning me. The murder hornets. The new swine flu. The tri state (NY, NJ and CT) has made a mandatory 14 day quarantine if you are arriving from 16 states now and the list is growing. I am happy that they are doing that but I am also nervous because how do they enforce something like that?  I’m finally feeling better about going out of the house with a mask on. Why aren’t people wearing masks though? I really don’t think it should be political. It’s about protecting yourself and your loved ones. Is it comfortable? No. Would I rather not wear a mask? Of course. But is it really worth possibly getting sick, or your family sick, or someone else’s family sick just because you don’t want to be uncomfortable for an hour or two? People need to stop being so damn selfish.
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Anyway, that’s all for me. How are you doing?