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Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s my Birthday week. I’m turning 38 (how?) on Friday.
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I will be celebrating by probably going out to dinner and then cuddling husband on the couch and watching Netflix while enjoying some kind of spiked seltzer.
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Next weekend we are going to Cape Cod with my mom, sister, niece and my family. I am really looking forward to that. I looooove Cape Cod in the fall. I am really excited to show my mom, sister and niece how pretty it is too.
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It’s been quite a year. I wrote a few books, and really wrote and promoted my blog. I met a ton of cool new people on twitter and WordPress and I am really happy with my new hobbies! I have always written but now I am actually putting my stuff out there… Which has always been really hard for me. But it’s been an overall good experience for me.
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Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting me and if you want to be entertained for a couple hours, please consider buying my newest book “Little me Big World”. It’s $2.99 on Amazon and free on kindle unlimited till November.  I am very proud of this book. I am currently working on the next book and hope to publish that in a couple months.
Little Me, Big World by [Acosta, J.]
Happy Birthday to me!
If you want to buy me a present, please consider buying my book! You get a few hours of entertainment and I will feel like the happiest person ever.