My Dream House – Guest Blog!

Have you ever took the time to sit down and think?? And I’m not talking about thinking about all the things you have to get done tomorrow. I’m talking about your future, specifically the house you want?? Where it would be? How would it look? How many bedrooms and bathrooms and most importantly how would you decorate?? I sure have!! I’ve never been The materialistic type of girl I am literally content with everything the Lord has given me including the house I live in now. However… That doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream right?? With that being said here it is

Location: This is something I still have to figure out. I’ve always said I wanted to live in California, I’ve never been but for some reason I think it’s so beautiful. However I may have to reconsider this for two reasons. 1. Physical therapy isn’t available there. I’m not sure how true this is but a few years ago when I was still in school there was a show called Push girls about four women in wheelchairs. I went to school telling a teacher about it and she posted a message on their Facebook page, surprisingly a day or two later the father of one of the cast members reached out which led to her doing a Q&A with the whole school. I can’t remember the exact question I asked but it had something to do with physical therapy. She explained how getting therapy was a little difficult for her because it’s not available there. Being wheelchair-bound this is something pretty important..Well at least for me. 2. The weather. I’m always hearing stories about wildfires and earthquakes. Not to think negative but it wouldn’t be easy for me to stop drop and roll if something were to happen.

Living room

I really like the layout of these living rooms they all make me feel like grabbing a cup of hot chocolate and snacks and cuddling up with husband on the couch watching Grey’s Anatomy well the kids are asleep. I’d probably get black or gray Couch’s instead of white because I have O.C.D. And kids are messy. It’ll drive me crazy seeing Orange cheese puffs hand Prints or juice stains on My white couch!

Bedrooms: I’d like about 8 bedrooms!! Yes 8.

My Room… Can you tell I love purple?? My poor husband will probably get annoyed with purple and blue “ sorry in advance bae! Seriously” A room for each of our children, something tells me he’ll want 5 or more. A guest room and not 1 but 2 offices. Other couples may share their office but I want my own.

Kitchen: This isn’t really my ideal kitchen but I chose it for the color. Yes I want a kitchen with Black cabinets and counters because again kids are messy.

Bathrooms I say we’ll need at least 3 of them. One in our room, the kids can share and one for the guest.

Pool: Last but but not least a pool for those hot summer days!!

Well that’s it for dream house that’ll most like stay just that….A dream lol. Do you have a dream house??


6 thoughts on “My Dream House – Guest Blog!

  1. It’s always fun to daydream about your perfect house someday. Just remember, the bigger it is, the more cleaning you have to do. That is one thing I have definitely learned over time.


  2. So true!!! I currently live in a two family house and cleaning is something I always do but I thought it was because I have OCD and I live with hoarders


  3. Oh man that would be some amazing house!!

    We have been working really hard to make our current house our dream home and once we get a new kitchen, it will be the home of our dreams. Although a nice pool and better UK weather would be a bonus!


  4. How fun! Although I would imagine crumbs and greasy fingerprints would stand out black cabinets and countertops. And I’m with Brooke – the bigger it is the longer it takes to clean! I would love my own office though!


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