Virtual Road Trip – 5.7.2020 – Portland, Maine.

I went out to the post office today for work and decided to get gas since I was out and it’s been a while… $1.95 per gallon! $15.00 to fill up! So cheap it made me wish I could come home and pack the family up and take a quick road trip. I felt sad for a bit about not being able to really go anywhere and then I thought, Fuck it! I’m taking a virtual road trip today. Where would I go if I could?
Top Things to do in Maine - To Do Maine Guide
Portland, Maine, USA cause I am in the mood to see some moose, eat some lobster and walk around looking at cool lighthouses.
Portland, ME
First where would I stay?
The Press Hotel Portland Maine Commercial Construction Hospitality ...
My pick today:
The Press Hotel Penthouse Suite… Cause why the heck not? It would fit all four of us and it looks cool. Plus, I could write my next best seller on the Royal Typewriter. We’re staying for a long weekend because I’m not actually paying for it.
Portland Boutique Hotels | Browse Photos | The Press Hotel
What are we going to do?
A little shopping in Old Port.
old port - Portland Downtown

Doesn’t it just look cool?

Portland Museum of Art:
PORTLAND MUSEUM OF ART Named Best In Maine And One of America's 25 ...
I love me some art.
See some light houses in Cape Elizabeth:
Portland Headlight Lighthouse, Maine Stock Image - Image of ...
Go Hiking on the Casci Bay Islands – Great Diamond Island:
Diamond Cove | Maine Island Resort | Homes for Sale or RentDiamond ...

I can smell the salty air.

Take a Walking Food Tour:
Portland Old Port Culinary Walking Tour | Maine Foodie Tours
Before we leave, I want to swing by the Portland Observatory. It just looks like a cool stop.
The Portland Observatory — Greater Portland Landmarks
Where would you go for a weekend getaway?
This was actually kind of fun! And maybe once this is all calmed down I can actually plan a real road trip here.
I think I am going to take another Virtual Road Trip next week…. Maybe I’ll ask the kids and husband where they want to go.😉

10 thoughts on “Virtual Road Trip – 5.7.2020 – Portland, Maine.

  1. I had the same thought the other day when my husband filled up – it was so cheap that I was just DYING to pack up the pups and hit the road for adventures! I can’t wait until after this is all behind us and we can follow our hearts once again. I hope your road trip will be a reality soon!


  2. I love this idea of going on a virtual road trip! I had fun following you on your trip and seeing what you would pick to go to. Wonderful post!


  3. This is such a unique idea for a post! I’ve never been to Maine and this was as if I just went! Hope you don’t mind I make a virtual trip soon:) Hope you have a read:)


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