Apple Posture Trainer – My review

My husband gave this to me for Christmas. It was what I asked for because I don’t want to be hunched over when I am older and I notice that I slouch… A lot. I also have scoliosis (it’s not really noticeable) so I think about my posture sometimes.
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The first day I got it I had him stick it to my back and it buzzed immediately. I honestly loved it. It made me notice and correct myself. I kept it on trainer mood for a while but then turned it off when I started to cook. If you are not straight up, it buzzes. It got annoying when I was mincing and prepping food.
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It has two modes, trainer and tracking. The tracking is just that. It monitors your posture and will send your phone a notification when you have been slouching for 15 minutes. The trainer mode will buzz you every time you slouch.
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I forgot about this for a couple days after the first one because I had an issue plugging it in and it didn’t charge.
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Week One:
I have been wearing now for a couple days straight. I like it but it’s also annoying cause it’s like this thing stuck on my back. I don’t really notice it but I feel like people could probably see it if I am wearing a tighter sweater. I have no idea how this will work in the summer. I honestly probably will not wear it that much in the summer.
So far, I like it. I had to take it off trainer at work because it just constantly buzzes. I sit at a desk and I look down at papers a lot. Every single time I get buzzed. So according to the stats I slouch 75% of my day. That’s crazy. and I don’t think I am really slouching, sometimes I am just leaning forward but my back is straight. Is that slouching?
Also, if you lay down, you are slouching. I just take it off when I get home most of the time because I cook dinner = slouching,  and then pick up and every time I lean over I am slouching. I actually asked my husband if we could return it because I am really not sure it was worth it, we can’t. It’s been more than 30 days… Oh well, I guess I’ll keep wearing it.
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Week Two:
I think I may have been wearing it to low. I have to look it up. I did move it up a little bit this week and I am not being buzzed as much as last week. Maybe I am sitting more upright over all?? I have no idea. We also had to change the sticky on it because the last sticky lost it’s stick. I am going to keep wearing it for a while because even if I have no idea where it goes or what I’m doing, it does make me more aware of my posture even when I am not wearing it.
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Overall Rating so far out of 5 stars… 3. I think they could make it a little smaller. I really like the idea of it. It’s pretty easy to forget about it once it’s on but I don’t know if I would wear it in the hotter months when it might show through my clothes a little easier. I will keep wearing and review again in a month.
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Do you have a posture trainer? Would you use one?

3 thoughts on “Apple Posture Trainer – My review

  1. That’s really interesting. I feel like I could use one ,but I don’t know if I could handle getting buzzed all day. But maybe that’s what it would take to straighten me out. Thanks for sharing your experience.


  2. I didn’t even know they made these! I have terrible posture! I could use something like this but not if it’s that annoying!


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