Rent the Runway week 6

The next few weeks I will be picking more things to hang out in. I have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off for the next 2 weeks. Happy holidays!

I sent back some of last weeks stuff Monday morning and Tuesday they received it. I picked new clothes Tuesday morning and I got the confirmation that they will be delivered Wednesday. (Update, due to the weather the delivery was delayed to Thursday morning. Booo) Once this comes I will send back the jeans I kept and try something else. they have an entire section of leisure outfits but I’m not really sure I want to use one of the spots for sweatpants? I kind of want to try $150.00 sweatpants. Are they the softest ever? I don’t get how sweatpants or a sweat shirt can cost so much. I am tempted to try. Ehh, maybe next week.

Anyway, let’s get started!


Diane von Furstenberg - Striped Knit Pullover

I picked this sweater to wear to work Thursday or Friday.

I am wearing it and it’s Friday. With the ice storm that hit and the snow squalls, my clothes didn’t arrive until Thursday after I had already left for work.

I really like this sweater. It fits well, I received a few compliments. I might wear it again this weekend if we go out. I can buy it for $82.00, I don’t like it that much.



Elk - Meldal Cardi Sweater

I have wanted to try a duster for a while. I looove pockets. I picked this because I never really wear orange and I figure it would be nice to add more color.

First impression is I love the color and it’s soft and warm. It fits well, hits a little past my knees and pockets! I can’t wait to wear it this weekend with jeans. Website says I can buy it for $318.60… … … This will be going back next week.

rag & bone JEAN - Super High Rise Cargo Jeans

These jeans I picked to try something new. I like the pockets and I hope they fit well. On other people they looked nice and relaxed which is what I am going for.

These did not fit well. There were very high waist. The reviews said true to size but I think I should have sized up. I still have the Jeans from last week that I loved but won’t spend $169.20 on, so I kept those and the two sweaters and sent these back. I did like the leg fit, they were loose. I might try to size up but I also think I might try something else. Oh well!

I can’t wait to return and pick something new for next week.


5 thoughts on “Rent the Runway week 6

  1. I love that other people think along the lines of, “I like it, but not $X like it.”

    How’s the quality of the $169 jeans? If that’s excellent, and they look hella sweet on you (or, and I wish I could remember where I read this because it’s a good summary of what great jeans should do: “give good a**”), could you consider it an investment? There’s also the breakdown of dividing number of wears by price, so $169.20 jeans become $42.30 jeans if you wear them once a week for an entire month.


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