Just another moody Monday.

It’s Monday.. Again.
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Every weekend I say I am going to sleep and every Monday I am so tired. Last night I couldn’t fall asleep till almost midnight. My husband somehow stole all the pillows except 2 from me and then my daughter came into our bed at some point and proceeded to steal my remaining pillows and punch me in the face a couple times. It was impressive.
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I had my alarm set to work out this morning but I was so tired I got up to turn it off and then went back to bed. I think I managed to doze for another 15 minutes. I am so tired right now though.
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This weekend was nice. We went to a friends house Saturday to hang out and then Yesterday we chilled at home. I watched a bunch of cheesy movies and my husband made me mushroom soup. It was really good. I didn’t do all my laundry though so I’ll have to do some tonight.
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This week there is a work appreciation dinner that I have to go to for working at this place for 5 years. I really don’t want to go but I heard that it’s frowned upon if you don’t show up. I’m not ungrateful but I spend 40 hours a week with these people already. I see them more than I see my own family some days so having to go to a dinner and be away from my family even more does not appeal to me at all. I’m going to go because I feel like I have to. Besides that, I really don’t think I have anything else going on this week.
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What about you? Any plans this week?

10 thoughts on “Just another moody Monday.

  1. I love these styles of posts! It’s like a window into the writers life! This week I’m hoping to get a lot of blogging done and the never ending battle of laundry!

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  2. I too am having a moody Monday. I’ve been feeling pretty good lately but this Monday hit me hard. Being a new freelance writer and blogger, I haven’t really created consistency and regular sources of income. So today I got a bit of the negative thoughts coming in telling me I’m not good enough. I’m keeping myself busy by writing a new blog post and applying to freelance writing jobs

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  3. This is a great post! And I want to thank you for reminding me about the Shark quote. I love that one but had actually forgotten about it. Don’t be surprised if it shows up again soon!

    Good read for a Monday to get the week started right!

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  4. Urgh this gives me all the Monday feels! Right there with ya!

    I am on school holidays this week, but honestly no rest for the wicked! We have the builders in so its early starts all week and lots of banging and crashing around.

    Hope the week improves for you.

    I am off Christmas shopping today, so thats something good for the week!

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