Thank you Crossing Guard

I drive my kids to school every morning. We don’t use the crossing guard but we see him every morning and we wave and he always smiles and waves back.
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At Christmas time the kids hop out of the car and give him a hug and a card with a few lotto tickets in it and some chocolate. Sometimes I roll the window down and wish him a good day or weekend when I am rushing from school to work. He’s just he nicest man to me in the mornings. Especially when I am having a bad morning and I am rushed and he’s just standing there, smiling and waving. Even when it’s 15 degrees outside, when it’s snowing, when it’s raining. He brightens my day. So, thank you Mr Crossing Guard. For always being there and for brightening my morning. I appreciate you!
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Is there anyone you see every day that brightens your day just a little?

2 thoughts on “Thank you Crossing Guard

  1. That’s so cute! I remember my crossing guards from when I was in elementary school. They do so much, it’s so kind of you to thank yours!

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