Menu today

I love Sunday’s. I get to try out new recipes. Today we’re making mixed seafood ceviche, grilled octopus, macaroni salad, baked potatoes, potato salad and pickled onions.

Mixed Seafood Ceviche Recipe

and baked potatoes. Wash, fork prick, oven (350 I think)  till soft.


I’m currently looking for a face mask recipe too. So far I think I’m gonna go with a yogurt, honey, banana one. It sounds both delicious and possibly good for the skin. A lot better then the mayo one I just saw. I think slathering mayo on my face for 20 minutes would make me hate mayo forever. Like this one time my friend wanted to do a deep conditioner for her hair. She read that mayo was good for that but we didn’t have mayo, we had miracle whip. One jar was dumped on her head. She had greasy hair for a month and I haven’t been able to eat miracle whip ever since. I can still smell it just telling that story.


Happy Sunday loves.


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