Why did I never know the intimacy of this? I always thought you needed a big tub for two adults…. turns out a regular tub works just as well.

I shower with Ray daily. And honestly, sometimes it’s trying because bathing has always been  my me time. But it’s also our time now, I guess. I tried to tell Ray once that I really enjoyed my shower alone time. And he was really upset that I didn’t want to shower with him. Mostly because I am having a hard time with being in the mood. So I get what he was thinking about me not wanting to be naked with him at all ever. Honestly, I could live in my sweatpants and tank tops. While that’s okay with me, there is another person in this life that needs human contact. And I used to be all about that. But ever since babies and now  very minimal personal space, It’s hard.

How do you get in the mood for anything? I don’t know. I think it’s me. Honestly . And ray is  very accommodating for anything that I’m going through. So I had a concussion at the beginning of the month. And then I had to take pills to give me my period for the first time in 6 months. Cause Apparently it’s bad to not get it because lining and build up and cancer, according to my GYN.  So cramps and then period for 10 days and there you have an entire month with no sex. Which was brought to my attention, a lot. But not in a shitty way. In a “hey, my dick might fall off if I don’t use it soon.” sort of way. Which I get. So all this brings me to a bath.

Bathing. I took a bath tonight for the first time in 2 years and Ray decided to join me.

I felt like we were dating. It was the most intimate thing to me and made be feel those butterflies again (after 10 years!!!) . I think more baths will be in our future (like every night for the next forever) so let me know any recommendations for bath salts/oils? What’s the difference and what do you prefer?


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