I still don’t remember hours of that day.

It took two weeks just to feel normal.

My job was fine with the people I work with. my boss did not understand at all. I don’t think I would have either if i didn’t go through it. He said in a department meeting “she just keeps complaining about headaches.” Even though he has the ER report as well as a note from my doctor.

I still don’t remember hours of that day. I’m still annoyed about it. I think I would be the same way as my boss if I was the boss.

It’s weird saying my brain is stressed. And that is okay. It’s weird saying that I can’t remember something you told me yesterday… and that is okay too. It’s really weird that I don’t even think to do the things that I normally do. Like check the bank balance, and my credit, and the other bank balance first thing in the morning… I just think about peeing and brushing my teeth.

Everything is still weird. I’m torn with going back to work full time and asking for more time off. It’s been 16 days.

My son has been acting out at school a bit. He was especially mad when I forgot to give him money for the school store on Tuesday, or forgot to remind him about things for class… The woman in the gym said he’s been sad lately. Can she be a little more specific? Like forever or this week? Cause that made me feel awful. Am I failing? Cause sometimes it feels like I am.

Like his kindergarten teacher said he wasn’t reading well… we worked for weeks on his sight words. He knew them all. Then she said he was still struggling. I thought it was my fault because I hate talking in front of people. Maybe he inherited that. I’m not sure that’s a gene.

Turns out a year later, he needs glasses. He couldn’t see the fucking board. He couldn’t read your stupid sight words because he couldn’t fucking see them, whore. Way to make the parents feel awful. And the kid. Sam knew it and you made him feel bad for not being able to see it. Way to go. I know teachers have a tough job, I have a hard time teaching my kids… but way to fail. In the future things to ask:

1.) what can we do to help?

2.) what would you suggest?

3.) how can we follow up on this?

4.) how can we talk more often?

5.) how do we prepare them for more…

Sometimes you get a bum ass teacher though. Like Mrs. Baloney. That’s not her real name but it may as well be. She’s generic. She started him low and passed him on the simple fact that she needed to show growth in her reports. It’s not her fault entirely. But she failed me. And she made me feel like there was an issue when there wasn’t. But she passed in the school system. And that’s her job. I think that she was probably awesome when she started. And years and years of change and new things changed her view. As well as personal life. Maybe she was trying to direct us…But instead she made us feel awful. And she was Just trying to keep her job. Maybe. Sam’s teacher now has recommended him for the honors program. I am proud and mad at that stupid kindergarten teacher. How could you not see it? I want to tell her in the hallway that she’s a dumb cunt who needs to correct her ‘holier than thou’ attitude. Talk to me like a parent please. And stop making your kids stand in front of the class reciting sight words for table points. Also, choke on you’re stupid table points, bitch.


1 thought on “Concussion

  1. If I could I’d comment all over this but I’M WITH YOU. my son’s kindergarten teacher sticked ass to and here he is with an amazing first grade teacher. Thank god.


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