Great Big

In a great big world

there is a great brown house

In the great big house

there is a great big family

Who love each other

Every day and always.

This family has a great big daddy

with great big arms

that he wraps around his most favorite people.

His wife, great big mommy.

His boy, Great big baby.

And his puppy, great big nacho.

Great big mommy loves her




and great big baby, Sam loves exploring his great big house.

with his great big puppa dog, Nacho

Sam starts his day with milk

Nacho starts his day with a walk

Sam eats breakfast and shares

Nacho waits for Sam to share

Sam loves kisses

Nacho loves to give kisses.

Sam love to ride puppies

Nacho does not like to be ridden

Nacho loves blankies

Sam love to draw… even on walls.

Nacho loves to drink from the toilet.

Sam loves to climb on the toilet

and run water in the sink

and brush his teeth.

Nacho watches

Nacho tells big parents when Sam makes big poops.

Great big parents like to cook

Sam likes to help

Nacho likes to clean up

Great big family eats at their great big table

an Nacho waits for Sam to share.

Sam shares a lot.

Bath time is Sams favorite.

Great big family climbs into a great big bed.

They hug and read.

Sam drinks milk. Nacho steals blankies.

Time to sleep

Sam goes to his bed.

Nacho covers his head

Mommy and Daddy clean up

And get ready for bed.

They love each other

and their great big family

In a great brown house.

In a great big world.


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