Blogging and the Coronavirus

I’ll be real, it isn’t fun. I am trying hard to just get through the day, forget about coming up with something interesting to write. Even my journal is like “I’m so tired. I coughed. Holy shit, can I hold my breath?” And then I try and count till 20. I mean what in the actual fuck is going on? Is this normal? My texts to my husband are like “My throat itches. My eyes are red. Did that sound like a dry cough?…” We both assure each other that we aren’t crazy, but are we going crazy?
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So, we’re home. It’s week 5. We have 6 more weeks of this, that we know of. I feel/think that it will be longer. At least a couple more months. I am thinking that August is more realistic and even that seems like it might be an under estimate at this point.
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This isn’t the new normal but this is the normal for now. We just received our 2nd delivery of groceries. I have another scheduled for Sunday. I’ll be honest, I like the deliveries. It’s nice to pick what I want and then it’s at my door. BUT I miss grocery shopping. I really do. I like finding new things. I like trying new recipes. I like looking around. I miss it. I also miss shopping the sales. My grocery bill is way up. We aren’t ordering take out or going out to eat, so I guess we aren’t technically losing money but we aren’t saving it either.
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I feel bad for ordering groceries. Like I am putting someone else at risk because I am being safe and staying home. I don’t know. I think that even though I am ordering things for delivery, I am not going out either. What’s better? One person shopping for multiple families or everyone shopping for themselves?
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So we are home. It’s week 5 ( I know, I said that already, I have been repeating myself a lot). The kids are in their routine. My husband and I have figured out how to make it run as smoothly as possible right now.
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We started back on the Yoga this week. I needed it. I felt like I was forgetting how to breath and stretch with all the work disruptions all day now.  It’s like everyone decided they needed to work more to prove that they are working. I am getting email responses at 8pm… For real people?? I am starting to just ignore them now until the next day.
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That’s where we are at right now. How about you? How are you doing?

9 thoughts on “Blogging and the Coronavirus

  1. I hear ya! It is a strange and difficult time. I kept worrying every time I coughed at first too. Try to enjoy not having to run errands all the time because it will be an obligation again soon enough.


  2. It’s amazing to read the various ways people are dealing with this mess. Like you, my food bill is up. Everything is up. Merchants are price gouging like crazy! As for exercise, I try, but too often my pattern is “sit, eat, and repeat.” I need to change that. Yoga is something I never tried, but some of the exercises look to be good for the back. Thank you for posting this. All the best to you in these trying times!


  3. The grocery part stuck out to me, maybe you aren’t putting the workers at danger by ordering online…maybe if we all did it we’d be keeping them safer. Just a different perspective on it, now more than ever it’s important to always look on the positive side. Stay home, stay safe but more importantly stay sane 😁 you got this!


  4. I would do the same if I coughed or my throat felt itchy. Even though I knew that I had just allergies. I would secretly hold my breath to make sure. I felt the same way about ordering the groceries but felt better when they delivered they had mask and gloves. The getting back into yoga sounds like a very good idea and think I will also start that back up. Great post.


  5. As an introvert who spends more time indoors, I am completely tired and it gets tougher as the days go by. Grocery prices are skyrocketing and my day pattern is so messed up. I pray this ends as soon as possible


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